Meet the team...

The team at Chalkhouse Childcare Services is what makes our setting so special. Each and every member of staff is highly valued and a very important member of the team. We take pride in maintaining continuing professional development and ensuring the children feel at home in our care.


Lucy is the Manager and owner of Chalkhouse. She has nearly 20 years' experience of working with children. Lucy is a qualified Paediatric Nurse and has three children of her own. Lucy loves all elements of caring for children; she feels she is very lucky to be part of children growing up and loves finding new ways to help them develop and grow.


Sarah is our Deputy Manager. She works full time across all our rooms ensuring the children are receiving outstanding care. Sarah is also our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Sarah loves watching our children grow from babies into independent learners ready for their ‘Big School’ journey.


Courtney is qualifying as a Level 3 Nursery Nurse in Dec 2019. She works in our pre-school room with our Pre-school Teacher. Courtney loves doing messy and sensory play with our pre-school children.


Emma is our Pre-school Teacher. She has been qualified as an early years teacher for three years; she loves taking our pre-schoolers outside and doing forest school. She loves to be be able to take her teaching outside the classroom and the children really enjoy it too.


Charlie is an experienced Nursery Nurse and room leader in our baby room. Charlie loves singing and baking with the babies and enjoys spending time in our lovely garden with the babies.


Anne is a Nursery Assistant in our baby room. She has two grown-up sons so just loves interacting and playing with the smallest members of Chalkhouse. Anne is very popular with our babies and helps them to feel at home.


Claire is a Level 3 qualified Nursery Nurse with over ten years' experience with children. She works in our baby room. She loves getting messy, sensory play and singing with the youngest members of Chalkhouse.


Sommer is a Level 3 qualified Nursery Nurse and she is also a Designated Lead for Safeguarding. She will be undertaking her Level 5 Team Leading in Jan 2020 and once completed she will be joining the management team as Deputy Assistant Manager. She is the room leader for the 2-3 room. She loves sensory play and painting with the children.


Rachel is the newest member of our team. She joined in September 2019. Rachel is a qualified Nursery Nurse with over 8 years' experience working with children. She works with our over 2s. She loves getting messy and being outside.


Lauren is completing her Level 3 Nursery qualification with us. Lauren works with our 2-3s.


Ellie will qualify as a Level 2 Nursery Nurse in Dec 2019. She works in our 2-3 room. She loves dancing and painting with the children.

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