Children attending Chalkhouse Childcare Services will experience a variety of healthy, balanced and nutritious foods which will give them all the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development. All our meals are prepared, cooked and provided on site.

Meals are served family style, so that children can experience the social aspects of meal times, setting the table, collecting and talking about the foods they are about to eat and then helping us to clear away. We do not use high chairs as we do not believe children like to be strapped in before eating. All children are encouraged and supported by staff to ensure they get the best from our meal times. We have seasonal, rotating menus to make sure the children are given as much variety as possible.

Winter Menu (week 1)


Corn Flakes with mixed fruit

Breadsticks and raisins

Mushroom tagliatelle (onion, tomato, celery, mushrooms, peppers)


Chicken sandwiches with cucumber


Rice snaps with mixed fruit


Vegetable lasagne (onion, tomato, celery, carrots, courgette, peas)


Marmite sandwiches with carrot sticks


Crumpets with mixed fruit


Jacket potato with cheese and beans or tuna mayo


Bagels with tomatoes


Weetabix with mixed fruit


Chicken pie with peas

Blueberries and breadsticks

Cheese wraps with cucumber


Jam on toast with mixed fruit

Rice cakes

Veggie burgers with sweet potato fries and sweetcorn

Fruit salad

Selection of sandwiches and wraps

At Chalkhouse we believe in educating children about food to encourage them to make healthy choices. We provide breakfast between 8 and 8.30 am, a snack at 10, lunch at midday, another snack at 3 pm and tea at 4.30. We are able to cater for all nutritional requirements, including allergies and religious needs. We are committed to offering the children 5+ portions of fruit and vegetables every day and we encourage parents to share recipe ideas to keep our menus interesting. All meals are served with water and/or milk that the children are encouraged to access themselves as their independence grows.

We recently made changes to our menu to try to be more environmentally friendly.

Henley Standard, October 2019

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